The Code: an intergenerational performative workshop


The Code is a participatory and interactive art project, built on the question of empowerment. Built to suit everyone, it is a great environment for a solidary and intergenerational experience of collective art making. 

The artwork is suitable for every one who likes to experience the world through play and interaction. It is a great experience for a family gathering and explore its playfulness and its pedagogical element with their kids. Being an analogue experience of discovery and a collaborative work experience, it demonstrates how through shared responsibility, and working togetehr on a project, we can build a mutual solidary working environment, and how through a collaboration we can fully discover its meaning. 

The artwork is based on the idea of a performative workshop (research laboratory for the archeology of choreography and dance of protests), originally created for the durational event "Back to the Beautiful" (Salzburg, 2018), as a group reflection on diverse forms of protest: public demonstrations, migrations, and large-scale dance rituals. In this context Tomaz Simatovic presented "Research laboratory for the archeology of choreography and dance of protests" and the acoustic installation "tanz" (co.created in collaboration with Tomaz Tomljanovic a.k.a Dualik).



The theme for the work stems in the question of empowerment and in the collection of essays "When dance socializes" (Simatovic; 2016), a research paper that focuses on the intersubjective and intercorporeal dynamics in the context of large-scale dance rituals such as dancing plague and rave movement, to affect each other with movement, as a force of public empowerment. (click here to see the exhibition )

The project is developing processes of collective writing, reading, and translating in the frame of a performative spatial installation. The work explores the notion and gesture of writing as an act of engraving a codified piece of information, that encodes a movement notation. The artwork is made of three performative elements: the room, the soundscape, and the codified piece of writing on a gallery wall. The space of the artwork is created in the image and atmosphere of a laboratory. At the center is a piece of writing in morse code, drawn on a gallery wall. The audience are offered tools to carve the surface of the wall, engrave the code and paint the squares and rectangles in golden. The text has multiple meanings: a poem about movement, a song about reiteration and variation, a codified choreographic notation of dances of protest. The participants are free to move in the room and interact by choice. They can choose any tool of interaction they like, with the possibility to exchange anytime, continue interacting or simply decide to watch the developing happening and uncovered artwork.


The Code has been exhibited at:

Salzburg, 2018, SZENE Salzburg, in the context of durational event "Back to the Beautiful"

Maribor, 2019, Narodni dom, in the frame of the international theater and performance abonnament MAMO, in the context of durational event "Back to the Beautiful"