Springs is a solo composition, a dance project, (a work in progress) based on and inspired by the music of The Rite of Spring. Springs works with The Rite of Spring in all possible ways. 

Firstly presented at The Orpheum Art Space in Albuquerque USA, and in the frame of t_h Herbst in Salzburg as a performative experiment in 2016, Springs will be premierely presented as a piece at the Lange Nacht des Tanzes in Gmund, July 2018. 

Showing Springs in its new version at the Lange Nacht des Tanzes in Gmund I am celebrating 500 years anniversary of the last recorded dance fever (tanzwut) phenomenon that took place in the medieval Strassbough in 1518. The dance madness ended, recording a large amount of casualities, who danced themselves to death. Stravinsky´s original composition, and the narrative of the original ballet are a unique example that can embody this motif. 


Concept,  choreography, and performance:  Tomaz Simatovic

Supported by:  ICI - Centre choreographique national de Montpellier Russillon-Languedoc 

Performances: 2016 - The Orpheum Art Space in Albuquerque USA, tanz_house Herbst, 2018 - Lange Nacht des Tanzes Gmund