Shrinking Space

a performance exhibition 

Shrinking Space is built on movement and textual materials from the performance Extraordinarily Intolerable (2019). The performance exhibition took place in a two-story empty space,  in the context of the Zwischenräumefestival in Salzburg. During vacancy the empty space in the old town of Salzburg has been transformed into a space for humanitarian ideals - a space for solidarity, human rights, and in honor of freedom. 

Shrinking Space deals with the question of prohibiton of civilian intervention and expression of solidarity through rescue in the context of 2018 refugee crisis at the Mediterranean Sea and legal prosecution of political activists worldwide, through an exhibition of texts and bodies that express the concept of 'shrinking space'. The movement materials for this work are inspired by the monument dedicated to Solidarity from 1953, by the sculptor Oreste Dequel, exhibited in Izola, Slovenia. The work draws inspiration from the figuration style of Dequel, representing two male figures emboding the act of support through rescue. 





Conceived and directed by Tomaz Simatovic, Shrinking Space has been created and performed in collaboration with Andras Meszerics. Performed in the frame of Zwischenräumefestival, Salzburg, July 2020.

The performance is part of The Performing Solidarity Project, and is associated to the Laboratory for Participative Imaginaries. 

The creation was made possible with research scholarships from Salzburg Stadt and Land Salzburg, and kindly supported by Szene Salzburg.


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