The installation RL4ACDP stands for Research Laboratory for the Archeology of Choreography and Dance of Protests, a joint space in which a process of research, discovery and work are taking place in form of a collective experience of writing

The installation is created in the image of a laboratory made for engraving a choreographic notation into a wall. At the center is a blueprint of the notation written in morse code on a gallery wall. The participants are invited to cooperate and join the two artist to finish the choreographic notation. The visitors can choose any tool they like, decide to watch the process of choreographic notation or decode the notation and discover the hidden dance. 



RL4ACDP, was originally created for the durational event Back to the Beautiful, (Salzburg, 2018). The original work has been created in reflection on diverse public movements of civil empowerment to protest against oppression of freedom and expression, from public demonstrations, rave culture and dancing plague. In this sense it reflects the idea of public gathering and public action for a common and unified purpose. In this context Tomaz Simatovic presented the original Research laboratory for the archeology of choreography and dance of protests accompanied by the acoustic installation tanz, both created in collaboration with Tomaz Tomljanovic a.k.a Dualik.  

Back to the Beautiful was dealing with the question of "can we empower anything with anything?". In this context the work around the installation RL4ACDP was exploring the notion of collective empowerment, in the sense of we-agency, and its connection to beauty. Can human collaboration for a common purpose be a form of beauty? What is the aesthetic value of human work? 



RL4ACDP has been exhibited at:

Salzburg, 2018, SZENE Salzburg, in the context of durational event Back to the Beautiful (images above)

Maribor, 2019, Narodni dom, in the frame of the international theater and performance abonnement MAMO, in the context of Back to the Beautiful (images below)