Paradise on Stage


" Mirjam Klebel and Tomaz Simatovic impress with their energetic performance that lurches through the diverse worlds of dance. In conjunction with the sound scape of Matej Bonin the piece presents a unique version of the story of creation that remains interesting, surprising and entertaining for the entire hour. "

Christoph Pichler, DrehPunkt Kultur Salzburg, on Paradise On Stage, December 2014


Paradise on Stage represent a dance of a couple, exhibited in a white space. As the couple dances the spectator is given to observe tresholds between abundance and harmony, carnality, sensuality, balance, humanity and animality, as known to paradise. The piece proposes that paradise is not an exotic island, advertised by a travel agency, but is rather an empathetic experience between people. Whether a myth or reality, paradise is known as well to dancers, but not as a biblical story, which the word may associate. Paradise rather happens in a suspended state of dancing. As such it is perpetually lost and found for we live with gravity. Despite this fact, suspensions are part of our desires that manifest vibration in a unique flow and rhythm. With this piece we strive back to where we feel comfort, and joy. We strive towards a state of being and sensing where we can thrive as humans.



Concept, performance, stage and light design ● Mirjam Klebel, Tomaz Simatovic
Music composition ● Matej Bonin
Dramaturgy ● Christian Sattlecker
Co-production ● ARGEkultur Salzburg / Cornelia Anhaus

Year ● 2014
Duration ● 45 min
Photography, trailer ● SensoReye/ Fivos Salahas
Video ● SensoReye/ Nicos Stavros
Graphic design ● Alexander Stürzer

Supported by ● tanz_house Salzburg, Performance Centre Falmouth University, Salzburg Stadt and Salzburg Land Kulturfonds