“if i could only reach you” 


“if i could only reach you”  by Tomaz Simatovic is a burst of fun. A live musician sits in the middle while 12 dancers battle the struggle to balance the intense emotion of feeling love and their ability to stand on their feet. One of the dancers is on edge, almost falling outside of the stage, literally! The energy is swarming and vibrations are felt throughout. It is a beautiful expression of our most venerated emotion.

Press review by Fiorella Gamio for ABQtodo


Commissioned and produced by University of New Mexico Albuquerque, "if i could only reach you” is a performance set on dance students of the department for dance and theater. In this performance I worked with 12 dancers of different ages, dance background, and body type. I was interested to create a ludic dance performance where the dance happens in form of a "pop", where the motion and sensation meet and create the ideal "loco" motion, a flow and momentum where one cannot stop battling between the heart and head, between feeling and control. performing one´s experience of music. As inspiration and dramaturgy we used Queen´s Breakthru, a known 90´s pop rock song. The sound arrangment and compositon has been created by Stuart J. Smith who accompanied me during the research process to implement the performative experience through an arrangement of sound that supports and leads the performers choreographically and experientially.

This work stems in my research in the performativity of dance, in which I am probing to stage dance as a performative, in form of "physical utterances", where the performance of the dancer begins to shift into a self-exhibition, and displays individual particularities in form of choreography, where the dancer does not quote movements that resemble something learned, but exhibits "own dance".

The performance displays minute and intimate experiences of six dancers that are placed as spectators and listenners of a ludic acoustic landscape. As they begin to respond their dance takes shape. The twist happens when the 6 dancers that were previously battling in an intimate environment turn towards the audience for the first time, in the pure and dynamic silence of a kinethic resonance. The sense of expectation begins to risen when the number of dancers is doubled, giving way to a burst of energy of 12 raving individuals.


Concept and direction ● Tomaz Simatovic

Music ● Stuart J. Smith (feat. Queen)

Rehearsal director ● Amanda Hamp

Dancers ● Mariah Baker, Ariel Burge, Sonia Engman, Liz Groth, Jamie Hayman, Roxana Jian, Michelle Kassmann, Samantha Katz, Betheny Lawson, Madrone Matishak, Kelsey Paschich, Elysia Pope, Shaylee Stockham, Ysabela Trujillo, Kellie Walsh

Costumes ● Jessica Warren

Light design ● Bill Liotta


Year ● 2015

Duration ● 20 Minutes