We live in times when humanity is in search for radical changes on muliple levels. We live in times of conflicts that affect us on many levels of human experience, be it personal or collective. We don’t know how will our collective present be resolved and we are still unsure how it will resolve for common good. However, we are not entirely clueless. There are many options on the horizon. In the attempt to find a constructive resolution for all, humanity looks into diverse directions. 

In GOOD QUESTION, the quest for radical change begins at the root of human relationships that stem in dialogue, listening and reflection. The performance reflects on the quagmire of our collective present through imaginary, reflection, and the element of time as applicable methodologies in the quest for a futurity that rather reflects in speculative practices such as artistic research, wisdom traditions and divinatory arts.

The format of this work represents the process of two artists and their attempt to deal with the conflictive energies that stem in the unknown, which reflect the collective energy that surrounds them on a daily basis as well as during performance. The artists transform conflict and doubt into question, while seeing themselves as study partners, who reflect one another and the present situation through wonder, curiosity and mutual support. 

GOOD QUESTION invites the audience to attend the performance as study partners of a performative reading through the perspective of three so-called “bodies of wisdom”: tarot, smartphones and the human body. The audience begins the performance through the perspective of a workbook, designed to help the spectator navigating the participatory experience. Beginning in a situation of a black-out the audience finds themselves in a situation of the unknown yet a situation of listening. The two artists engage with the unknown through questions in the attempt to articulate the good question. While exploring how the given tools can shed light onto the “darkness”, in a literal and metaphoric sense, the performance draws attention to the emerging somatic experience. When during the performance the two dancers decide to take a break from the performative reading, and the attention is given to the questions of the audience, the perspective of reflection radically shifts: through active listening and within a particular voting game the audience must agree on one question they collectively want to save. 

What question will be saved?

What will the performing body reveal? 



(c) Mitzi Gugg



GOOD QUESTION is an artistic collaboration between Tomaz Simatovic and Andras Meszerics, created in the frame the Laboratory for Participative Imaginaries. 

The creation has been made possible with financial support from Land Salzburg, and co-produced by tanz_house Festival 2021, where it has been premiered in October 2021.



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