Extraordinarily Intolerable


Is a performance activism project, developed in the frame of “The Performing Solidarity Project”. The project thematizes criminalisation and legal prosecution of civilians and activists who act in defense of human rights, and deals with the question of "how society is constituted by rehearsing repeated scripted acts”.

The work is based on selected public texts and publications that document and discuss criminalisation and legal prosecution of civilians and activists who act in defense of human rights.  By utilizing bodily and textual performative transcriptions of the mentioned public texts, the work actually explores the presence of the so-called criminalized public actions in the actual performance. How do "crimes of solidarity" that we do not see but we read about influence our reality? How does the public action that the texts discuss represent in the actual performance in form of interaction. 

The performance happens in two parts and in two locations in Toihaus Theater. The work has been created site-specific and site-conditioned in diverse rooms of Toihaus Theater Salzburg, during the residency from May to June and October 2019. The format we have developed guides the visitors through diverse rooms and lets them witness a contemplative performance practice, sharpening their senses, through watching, listening, reading, and interacting. Inspired by the materials we have used the performaance puts the spectator into a contemlative yet self-discoursive mood, in which the spectator deals with own thoughts aquired during the performance. The visitors can witness a shared performance practice and research on somatic activism, which integrates the essential aspect of their presence in its creation. 


Credits: concept/artistic direction/choreography: Tomaz Simatovic; research/performance: Bandi Meszerics, Nayana Keshava Bhat; dramaturgy consultant: Claudia Heu; technical assistance: Alexander Breitner 

Co-production: Tomaz Simatovic and INFLUX - Network for Dance, Theatre and Performance; Co-production partner: Toihaus Theater Salzburg; Project funding partners: Salzburg Land, Stadt Salzburg


Photo credits: Bernhard Müller/INFLUX

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A letter of contemplation in form of an evening program, given to the audience at the end of the performance. (June, 2019)