a performative workshop on sharing somatic experience and mutual support

bodyspeaking (the performance) was made during the first year of pandemic. The objective was to create a performative version of a potential workshop on sharing somatic experience, while thematically dealing with the somatic imaginary of bodies in critical situations. 

Using simple performance tools, two dancers focus on imagining a choreographic and performative setting for exercising mutual support and sharing somatic experience with one another. They demonstrate two exercises for sharing somatic experience, while offering the audience to share their own somatic experience and impressions in the provided notebook - the bodyspeaking journal, which is to be exchanged and read aloud, as a way of sharing. 

The performative workshop deals with the question of empathy through the perspective of sharing and shared feelings, be it through language, contact or kinaesthetic resonance. It especially deals with the question of empathy in a world where images of bodies in critical situations are very exposed through media. How do we express ourselves through feeling, how is sharing somatic experience, as in feelings, dealt with, and how does a performative format facilitate an expression of feeling(s) through form? From this perspective it places the participant in performative situations of kinesthetic resonance and somatic imaginaries of bodies expressing feelings of struggle through form yet autheticity. 


 (c) Hector Palacios 



bodyspeaking has been developing as a collaboration between Tomaz Simatovic and Andras Meszerics, in the frame of The Performing Solidarity Project. bodyspeaking is a subject of research associated to the Laboratory for Participative Imaginaries. 

The research for bodyspeaking has been made possible with grants from Salzburg Stadt and Land Salzburg, and supported by SZENE Salzburg. The performances have been co-produced and supported by tanz_house Festival 2020. 


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