Under the question "Can we empower anything with anything?" "Back to the Beautiful", has developed and was led in co-operation with SZENE Salzburg and the program of curating performing arts, of University Salzburg, thematizing empowerment. The concept for the artistic part of "Back to the Beautiful" has developed in dialogue with the artists Tomaz Simatovic, Sandra Chaterjee, Tomaz Tomljanovic and Cynthia Lee, reflecting on the phenomena of borders and diverse forms of protest: public demonstrations, migrations, and large-scale dance phenomena, such as rave culture and dancing plague. 

"Back to the Beautiful" is a result of this collective brain-storming and designed to work as a participatory dispositif that mobilizies the visitor into a particular social(izing) experience, which places the visitor into a position of the collaborator and active supporter of this art work. 

In this context Tomaz Simatovic and Tomaz Tomljanovic created two participatory installations with performative character: "Research laboratory for the archeology of choreography and dance of protests" and the acoustic installation "tanz", which was in later reconstructions of the project renamed into "(re)memebring dance". 

We trust that the particularity of this work, and part of its vision and mission, is that of the act of participation is becoming an artwork in itself. This is brought to us by the nature of experiencing these works, through viewing, observing and active participation. The works are installed in a way to engage the visitors into active participation that demonstrates the link between work and art, in which the work (which is the active participation and interaction with the work of art) becomes the art as well.