AWPUTP is a participatory creative practice and a performative workshop on participation, solidarity and care, working with donated clothes. The work thematises the entangled relationship between excessive consumerism and exploitation of labour in contemporary industries, and the amount of civilian solidarity, care and participation that is needed to resolve it. 

The workshop is inspired by the 2013 Rana Plaza architectural incident in which 4000 workers of garment factories that produce “fast fashion” remained trapped under broken concrete. AWPUTP translates the rescue intervention, that mobilised 300 civilians, into a game-like experience, represented through an interactive installation of clothes. The form that the installation takes is inspired by photographs of discarded pieces of clothes found on the street of Vienna during the research, which sprouted reflection on ‘carelessness’ and ‘the discarded value of goods produced by working class’. 


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 17.42.47Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 17.42.47


Usually AWPUTP takes place in a park amongst activities of leisure, study and socialising. The practice invites the participants to ‘work’ together through a sense of care, solidarity, and attention, and intuit ways to resolve the entanglement.

Participants intracting with the threads (c) Franzi Kreis 

AWPUTP and Threading Solidarity 

The starting point for the research on AWPUTP was following the concept of ‘threading solidarity’ - a research on how to ‘thread’ participatory actions in public spaces (or indoor spaces), where participants experience solidarity through art. How to disseminate or thread experiences of solidarity and participation through art? The goal of this research project has been to create a space for exploring participatory dynamics of cooperation, solidarity and mutual support, practiced in the frame of an artistic project with durational and participatory nature. In the frame of the Threading Solidarity project we have been collecting used clothes for artistic research and humanitarian purposes. 

AS WE PICK UP THE PIECES has developed in the frame of the research project Threading Solidarity, during the AIR program at Im_flieger - KünstlerInnen Initiative / Free Space and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and Transmedia Art, based in Vienna, and practiced in collaboration with Claudia Heu. Threading Solidarity is associated to The Performing Solidarity Project and Laboratory for Participative Imaginaries. Next to "The Way You Touched Me Tonight" and "Suddenly the floor was not there", AS WE PICK UP THE PIECES is one of the participatory works in research based on the Rana Plaza Tragedy.  




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