as we pick up the pieces...

a performative workshop-in-research


“as we pick up the pieces…” finds inspiration in the rescue mission that took place after the collapse of the commercial building Rana Plaza in 2013, where 4000 Bangladeshi garment factory workers remained trapped under the rubbles of broken concrete. The  research is currently centred on the work of civilians who volunteered in the rescue, performing lifesaving operations, lasting for 30 days.

Developing “as we pick up the pieces…” we aim to translate the rescue mission into a durational experience of learning through playing and discovery. The current format-in-research is developing as a performative workshop with game-like characteristics. The participants are players that, while playing (performing lifesaving (co)operations) explore and discover the story of Rana plaza. Conceived as a learning environment the artwork is meant to act as a tool for practicing cooperation, precision, mutual support, attentiveness, and care through the sense of empathy and solidarity. The project is currently evolving for young audiences, adults, or as a family experience in a museum. 

“as we pick up the pieces…” is developing in the frame of the research project Threading Solidarity. Next to "The Way You Touched Me Tonight" and "Suddenly the floor was not there", “as we pick up the pieces…” is the third part of participatory works on Rana Plaza.



(c)  Simatovic (1), Franzi Kreis (2-8), Johanna Nielson (9)

Threading solidarity 

Threading Solidarity is part of The Performing Solidarity Project. The goal of this research project is to create a space for exploring participatory dynamics of cooperation, solidarity and mutual support, practiced in the frame of an artistic project with durational and participatory nature. In the frame of the Threading Solidarity project we are collecting used clothes for artistic research and humanitarian purposes. The clothes are utilized as research materials, and help developing the game. 

Since 2020 Threading Solidarity has been developing in partnership with Im_flieger - KünstlerInnen Initiative - Free Space and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and Transmedia Art, Vienna, and practiced in collaboration with Claudia Heu.