"The Way You Touched Me Tonight" is a performance, where clothes, given a quality of voice, become protagonists. The performance displays a work of choreography that has the power to transform the way we look at rejected and discarted clothes, and what we see in them. Waste? Material? Fashion? Memory? Personality? Time? Engaging choreographically with modes of audience participation we are interested, in the actual performative potential of this project; to address our audience with a choreography of sharing. 

By participating in the development and creation of this work the audience doesn’t only contribute to the development of art, but engages actively with a choreographic activity, which through performance, film, design aims to represent the sense of sharing and networking in the culture of today. How do performance art and culture interact to provide new dynamics for each other?



TWYTMT is also a larger interdisciplinary project in the intersection between performing arts and activism. On one hand we are investigating the performative potential of clothes in the performing arts context, and engaging with notions of materiality and materlism. Yet, on the other hand, and given the fact that we are collecting used clothes through this perfomance ritual, and delivering them to the next of kin, we are given the responsability for an ethical behaviour.

The performance begins with the gathering of the audience, who are bringing their clothes, as donations for humanitarian purposes. The offerings pass through our bodies, and activate a performance ritual, which has the power to transform the way we see and look at clothes. In the process of observing their donations performing the audience gets in touch with themselves. By participating at this event they don´t only get to see a performance, but they get in touch with information about non-governmental organizations and stream of performing arts that outreach active participation. They get in touch with the event that places cooperation and sharing as a future dynamic of today. Be part of this performance project and make your contribution.



Your clothes activate a performance ritual. After the performance your clothes remain with us, until we find their next of kin. For this reason we are cooperating with NGOs (Südwind Salzburg) whose projects engage with dissemination of knowledge and awareness about origins, production and consumption of clothes. With their guidance we deliver clothes to the next of kin, whether these are people in need, or artsts that work with upcycling clothes, who are recreating or changing their originial purpose. On of the aims of this project is to act as a platform, that helps guiding our audience to learn about ethical, health, and producton issues of clothes in the fashion industry. Do we know where our clothes come from and go to when rejected? Do we know how are our clothes made? Do we know who makes them? A number of selected clothes will be donated to designers who are upcycling used clothes. One of these designers is Janett Sumbera from Salzburg. Her designs will be published on our website, and will appeer in our documantary film, and installations.






Tomaz Simatovic & Mirjam Klebel (research, choreography and performance) 

Rocki Jian (performance)

Andreas Poschl (sound design)

Frank Lischka (light design)

Christopher Eberle (film)

Alexander Stürzer (graphic design)

May Rifaat (fashion researcher)

Janett Sumbera (upcycling designer)

Südwind Salzburg