The Performing Solidarity Project


The Performing Solidarity Project is an inter- and trans-disciplinary project, currently developing in the intersection between performance art, and performance/social activism. 

The project acts as a framework for artistic research and performance practice, which shelters works of art that give voice and space to forms of solidarity and altruism. 

The core of the project has been developing since 2016 in collaboration with several artists. Its purpose has been to create works of art that can raise awareness about forms of participation, co-exsistence and altruism, driven by the "problem" of acting out of solidarity, and political activism that many activists and civilians are experiencing today.

The works that have been created under The Performing Solidarity Project deal with themes around the "crimes of solidarity" and "prisoners of conscience". Most of the works have been conceptualised and made in the idea of "spaces in performance, in which audience, through an interactive and participatory performance setting, explore and experience themselves in relation to solidarity and questions about altriusm, we-agency and political activism". 

Through art and performance research we are developing new ways of engagment in defence of human rights that withstand contemporary practices of suppression, prohibition and tyranny. By practicing forms of participation, co-existence and altruism, in form of performance art and research we work to create awareness of alternatives beyond the known forms. Our vision is to work through artistic research in order to develop performance art that can empower and mobilize the beholder to think and act through the prism of solidarity.  

The Performing Solidarity Project , and its activities have been sponsored through project-based funding, private donations, and research scholarships. Since 2018 the project is developing in coproduction with INFLUX - Network for Dance, Performance and Theater Salzburg. Since 2016 it has been developing in co-production and kindly supported by Toihaus Theater Salzburg (2019), Tanz_house/ARGEkultur (2018), and SZENE Salzburg (2016). 


The Performing Solidarity Project/ Works: 

"The Way You Touched Me Tonight" (2016), "Research Laboratory for the Archeology of Choreography and Dance of protest" (2017), "Suddenly the floor was not there" (2018), Extraordinarily Intolerable (2019), Of Permanent Value (announcing 2020)

The Performing Solidarity Project/ Associated artists:

Mirjam Klebel (2016), Roxana Jian (2016), Tomaz Tomljanovic (2017), Natalia Castaneira (2018), Nayana Keshava Bhat (2018 - ), Bandi Meszerics (2019), Claudia Heu (2019)