The Performing Solidarity Project is a body of work exploring forms of solidarity and activism through and as participatory performance art. The project has been developing since 2016 as an umbrella-project for experimental performances that deal with sensitive socio-political themes that marginalize or act destructively towards human rights, humanitarian help, or creating social disunity. The purpose of these works has been to experiment with formats for audience participation and create participatory spaces to practice solidarity, cooperation and mutual support through the arts. The Performing Solidarity Project aims to create spaces that put people back in a healthy and constructive dialogue with themselves and one another. Our vision is to work through artistic research in order to develop performance art that can empower and mobilize the beholder to think and act through the prism of solidarity, humanity and equity.



The Performing Solidarity Project/ Works: 

bodyspeaking (2020), as we pick up the pieces... (2020), Shrinking Space (2020), Extraordinarily Intolerable (2019), "Suddenly the floor was not there" (2018), "Research Laboratory for the Archeology of Choreography and Dance of Protests" (2017), "The Way You Touched Me Tonight" (2016) 


The Performing Solidarity Project/ Associated artists:

Mirjam Klebel (2016), Tomaz Tomljanovic (2017), Nayana Keshava Bhat (2018- ), Bandi Meszerics (2019- ), Claudia Heu (2019 - )


The Performing Solidarity Project/ Funding: 

project-based funding (Salzburg Land, Stadt Salzburg), private donations, research scholarships (Preis des Landes Salzburg  - Jahresstipendium für Darstellendekunst 2018)


The Performing Solidarity Project/Partners:

Im_Flieger Vienna (2020), INFLUX Salzburg (2019), Toihaus Theater Salzburg (2019), tanz_house festival, (2018/19), ARGEkultur Salzburg (2018), SZENE Salzburg (2016).