Somatic Figuration

Somatic Figuration is an area of my choreographic and movement research that explores figure-creation through a somatic approach. In somatic figuration we investigate somatic experiences of the dancer, such as the operation of the nervous system, kinesthetic sensation and proprioception, as choreographic material. 

Somatic Figuration developed out of my MA thesis (2012) "Per-forming the Figure", inspired by the art of figuration of Francis Bacon, and the performance research conducted in this framework since 2010. Approaches to somatic figuration have been developing throughout choreographic collaborations with Georg Blaschke (Fluid Skin, Fluid Theater, Antonio´s Imaginary Workshop, Bodies and Accidents), with Andras Meszerics (Extraordinarily Intolerable, Shrinking Space, bodyspeaking), and with Johanna Hörmann in the frame of the research on the figure of Satyr. 


From the performance Antonio´s Imaginary Workshop by Georg Blaschke  (2016)

 (c) Laurent Ziegler

Images from research (2018-2021) (projects: bodyspeaking)

(c) Tomaz Simatovic