Performative Figuration

Figuration, in figurative arts, is a term that describes the art of representing the human body by means of process and form. Performative Figuration is an approach to create the performing body driven by the question of "how does sensation form and move the body".

Exploring the complex relationship between sensation and form, the art of performative figuration has been developing as a study in performance. My approach to this work stems in my MA thesis "Per-forming the Figure", inspired by the art of figuration of Francis Bacon (2012), and the performance research conducted in this framework since 2010.

The research and method development have picked up major momentum when I began collaborating with Georg Blaschke in 2016. In the frame of his productions and his direction I have continued developing the approach, and applying it into the somatic experience and choreographic methodology to develop solo materials that were performed by myself in Blaschke´s performances "Fluid Skin", "Fluid Theater", "Antonio´s Imaginary Workshop", and "Bodies and Accidents".

In 2019 I have synthesized the approach from "Bodies and Accidents" into a warm-up and a body-conditioning method, and presented the work in the frame of the workshop "Dys_functional Bodies", in a co-teaching frame with Georg Blaschke at Tanz Quartier Wien. 


 "Antonio´s Imaginary Workshop" (2016). Photocredits: Laurent Ziegler