Participatorium is an umbrella term for a body of work that focuses on performance projects as points of connection between artists and general public. The body of work focuses on choreographic investigation, performance and live art, with a multidisciplinary and participatory approach to art making, within a sense of social and cultural outreach. 

Exploring the notion of participation a methodology of art making, Participatorium aims to develop concepts for audience participation using elements of performance and choreography as tools for creating empathetic experiences in performance.

In a participatorium the act of participation is considered as the work of art in itself. A particular social(izing) experience is created, in the intersection between performance art and activism, mobilising the spectator to engage into participation.  

"In the participatorium I see works of art that are socio-culturally oriented. I see a culture of art making that develops through how people connect, as opposed to a culture of divides that develops through politisation of public opinions. I see a work of art that is socially engaged, developing in spaces where the work (of art) emerges, where work (as in labour) and artistic practice are not a divide anymore, but rather connects people."  (Tomaz Simatovic)