I grew up at the sea. Watching the movement of the water, feeling the water on my skin. Such experiences have remained in my body, yet awakened through dancing. The soothing sensation of water is an energizing quality. Water rinses, refreshes, and makes us feel reborn. Dance for me is a human movement quality that allows recreation.

My dance practice is a proprioceptive and dynamic oriented training in dance. I developed my class in search of a movement practice in dance that works with the exploration of movement dynamics, work with the spine, engaging the anatomy of the back. With the emphasis on the dynamic of wave I began developing my approach to dance training, to develop a more acute kinesthetic awareness of flow. In my work I emphasize on the dancer´s proprioceptive awareness while exercizing technique, aquiring precision of movement patterns, waves. My understanding of the choreography in the context of the dance class is to exercize the precision of movement patterns in order to create precise movement representations, a moving image of movement dynamics that can be reproduced, yet in the case of dancing this image is what guides us in dance. In another words we allow ourselves, when dancing, to be physically moved by the choreography, as opposed to dance the choreography. Dance as an art form is to loose the sense of control. In this case the choreography is a tool of the flow, a current. It transports our body within the movement pattern of the choreography.  The reason why I am stressing on the importance of proprioception in dance training is to train the ability to use our own sensory feedback to sense the body in movement. That in return makes us aware of the space and time when dancing, our private experience of movement and feelings in dance.

ball room

This workshop based training is a dance practice that involves moving through space, exchanging energy and awakening the dancing body. lntroducing the concept of  ball-room: „ball“ is dance, but as well an object of play, whereas „room“ is the space we dance in. How do we make space for our dance, by dancing with everyone in the room? Ball-room is a dance practice that is inspired by large dance gatherings, and ballroom dances, and is intergrated into the practice of contemporay dance. In this workshop we will also practice dance technique, exercising the body ́s locomotions in order to awaken the dance and the dancing body inside of us. The participants are led through a series of movement exercises, integrating the group into their dance. The goal of the workshop is to create exhuberant dancing experiences for eachother.

pulsating spine


references and teaching experience

Mozarteum Universität Salzburg / Carl-Orff-Institut (2010 - 2016) ● Falmouth University / Dep. for dance / Penryn, UK (2013, 2014) ● New Mexico University / Dep. for dance and choreography / Albuquerque, USA (2015) ● Seminar Kibbutzim / Dep. for dance theater / Tel Aviv, Israel (2012) ● Academy of Dance / Ljubljana, Slovenia (2012 - 2014) ● SEAD / Salzburg, Austria (2011) ● Tanzlabor_21 / Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2014) ● ArtEZ Dansacademie / Arnhem, The Netherlands ● Tanzimpulse Salzburg / Salzburg, Austria ● K3  Hamburg - Dance Kiosk Festival / Hamburg, Germany (2012) ● Time to Dance Festival / Riga, Latvia ● Guangdong Dance Festival / China ● The South China Normal University / Guangdong, China ● Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg / Salzburg, Austria ● Dansatelier / Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Audition class for Valasia Simeon´s project 'These little nothings' ●  EnKnap Group / Ljubljana, Slovenia / Company training ● Fourklor / Ljubljana, Slovenia / Company training ● Fičo Balet / Ljubljana, Slovenia ● Tanzstudio Belacqua / Wasserburg am Inn, Germany ● Oesterreich Tanzt Festival / St. Poelten, Austria ● Plesni kampus Izola / Izola, Slovenia