Tomaz Simatovic is a choreographer, performance artist, dancer and dance pedagogue based in Austria, developing his work inter- and trans disciplinary through performance, research, teaching and writing. He is engaged in collaborative artistic practices, currently working in the field of contemporarary performance and performance research. Parts of his research extends into social outreach, and community work, with interest in socially engaged art formats. His work in performance is based on somatic, conceptual, performative, and participatory aesthetics. He works with dance as a somatic and investigative movement practice, exploring movement through sensation and emotion.

He graduated in dance at SEAD Salzburg, and gained his MA degree in choreography at the ArtEZ Institute of the arts (NL), focusing on choreographic and performative operations of the notion of the Figure (Gilles Deleuze), based on the art of Francis Bacon. His MA thesis “Per-forming the Figure” has set a starting point for the development of Somatic Figuration, which keeps developing in the frame of his collaborations with George Blaschke, and Andras Meszerics. 

In 2016 Tomaz initiated The Performing Solidarity Project, an ongoing research project on the intersecion between performance and soldarity. In 2021 Tomaz gathered his body of work that focuses on formats for (audience) participation into a single artistic project Laboratory for Participative Imaginaries, a space for artistic research. 

Tomaz has taught contemporary dance, improvisation, and dance related subjects at the Mozarteum/Carl-Orff-Institute from 2011 till 2018, and has worked as a guest teacher at the Falmouth University in UK, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque/USA, as well as in platforms for professional dance training in Europe and China.