I am a performance artist at work.

The wideness of my interests inspires me to work interdisciplinary.

In the last 10 years I have created works with performative, interdisciplinary and immersive character, articulated through simple, fluid and complex structures.

My body of work has been presented in Europe, USA, and Asia, in form of performances, workshops, and writing.

Based on a somatic, dance, improvisatory, as well as a choreographic performance practice I investigate modes of performance, exloping its relationships with affect, memory, perception, space, time and body in performance.

I work with dance as a proprioceptive practice, experience, and human expression.

Dance is that particular articulation of movement that resides in one´s body. It articulates in one´s body, space and time. It aspires a sense of freedom,and pleasure to the one that dances and to the one that watches the dance.

 In performance I seek sensuous experiences that reach and resonate haptically through the interaction of spaces and affects that emerge when humans perform.

I am interested in performances that stimulate a sense of proximity and affect that bring one back into the